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Parc y Meirw, Llanychaer, Pembrokeshire, Wales

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Parc y Meirw stone row (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

SM9941 3591. Standing beside the B4313 Fishguard road half a mile to the west of Trellwyn hamlet and 2 miles north-east of Llanychaer village, there are some standing stones known as Parc y Meirw. Originally the stones formed what was once part of a stone row (prehistoric alignment), but today only about seven remain out of a possible 160. The stones are difficult to find because some are in use as gateposts, while others are almost hidden in the hedge as they form the banking at the side of the road, and a few more stand just beside the field known by it’s ancient name “Field of the Dead”.

What is left of a once quite spectacular row of up to 160 standing stones, also known as orthostats or megaliths, dating from the Bronze-Age, lie scattered about at the roadside and are easily overlooked. Two quite large stones stand in the banking at the roadside, while others close by have fallen over and one or two others have, sadly, been made into gateposts. They range in height from between six foot and 9 foot high, with the tallest 12 foot high. An eighth stone is now missing, probably robbed-away to the local area and built into a wall somewhere close by. The field opposite is called Parc y Meirw “the field of the dead” and is thought to be where a Dark Age battle took place and where many warriors died, or according to some, they were turned into standing stones – a row of stone warriors, perhaps; the stones being placed here to commemorate those that fell in some bloody battle back in the mists of time. But in theory the stones pre-date the Dark Ages by thousands of years. There are another two standing stones further along the road in the direction of Trellwyn, most likely the end of the stone row.

Parc y Meirw Stone Row, Pembrokeshire, Wales. (Richard Colt Hoare, 1809).

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