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Mount Cross, Cornholme, West Yorkshire

Mount Cross, West Yorkshire

Mount Cross, West Yorkshire

SD9146 2782. Mount Cross also known as ‘Idol Cross’ and ‘Stiperden Cross’ stands at the southern edge of Stansfield Moor 2 miles north of Cornholme, close to the Long Causeway, Todmorden. The ancient cross is located near Kebs Road to the east of Lower Mount Farm. It is a 5 foot high free-standing cross although some stones are wedged in at the base to stop it from falling over – the wheel head measures 65cm by 38cm in diameter. Although the carvings on the cross are quite worn there are traces of roll-moulding, vine scroolls and also what may be an incised calvary cross.

The cross, now a registered ancient monument, is thought by some historians to date back to the 7th century AD when it was used as a preaching cross by St Paulinus; the general consensus is that it dates from the 10th or 11th century. It was discovered buried beneath The Great Bridestones to the south-east – a place that was associated with pre-Christian pagan practices; this is perhaps why Mount Cross has also been connected with the same sort of goings on and why it has often been called a “Rude Stone” although in Christian times a “Rood Cross”. The monument lies on an old causeway that links both Yorkshire and Lancashire, so it would have also made a good marker stone or guide post for travellers crossing the moors. Mount Cross is said to be the oldest religious monument in the Todmorden area.

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